Since 1967, Arkansas has granted all its state citizens guaranteed access to public records, many of which are freely available online. However, navigating the sources and the extent of available information can be a challenge depending on the state.

To streamline access to Arkansas state public records, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to assist individuals in locating information about themselves or others. With the resources below, anyone can access public information. If the data cannot be found through government agencies, our search feature allows users to check records across all counties and various record types simultaneously.

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Arkansas Free Public Records Directory

Arkansas provides access to records from government and public bodies to every resident under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (Arkansas FOIA). However, determining the governing body and jurisdiction under which the information falls is essential.
There are four primary types of Arkansas public records:

  1. Criminal records
  2. Court records
  3. Vital records (including marriage, divorce, birth, and death certificates)
  4. Inmate records

Each category has distinct free and paid public record repositories. Thus, the choice of resource depends on the specific type of record one seeks.

Arkansas Criminal Records Check

Arkansas maintains criminal records or rap sheets for all individuals with a criminal history, which can be accessed online by all state citizens. Typically, these records include:

  • The individual’s name and photograph
  • Records of felony convictions
  • Records of misdemeanor convictions
  • Pending felony arrests within the last three years, awaiting trial
  • Sex offender status and level, or registration requirement

However, certain information available to law enforcement is not accessible to the general public, including:

  • Juvenile records
  • Misdemeanors without convictions
  • Cases declared not guilty, dismissed, or not processed after arrest
  • Traffic records
  • Outstanding warrants
  • Sealed records (not publicly available)
  • Federal criminal history or records from other states

Additionally, sealed records, which are not open to the public, remain confidential.
These public criminal records are valuable for various purposes, such as employee background checks, locating records of partners or spouses, tenant screenings, or satisfying curiosity.

Are Criminal Records Public in Arkansas?

Under the Arkansas FOIA, the state maintains an online repository of criminal records, accessible to anyone seeking to inquire about someone’s criminal history, whether an employer, partner, landlord or any other interested party. The only exceptions are the types of information mentioned earlier, including sealed records.

How to Find Arkansas Criminal Records

Obtaining someone’s criminal record can be done through both online and offline methods, with both options incurring similar costs.

Online: Anyone can access Arkansas criminal records online. Whether using an aggregate service or searching various government websites, it typically involves a fee. In cases where the interested party lacks the subject’s signed consent, they can visit the Arkansas Department of Public Safety’s website to conduct a background check. This process requires entering the subject’s first and last name, sex, and date of birth.

Criminal Background Check in Arkansas

This website provides access to criminal records based on data from the Arkansas Crime Information Center (ACIC) and the state’s driver’s records. The cost for a single query is $24. Please note that the results are entirely name-based, and accuracy is not guaranteed.

Online Criminal Records Check

If you have the signed consent of the individual, the Arkansas State Police Department offers an online directory of criminal records. To access this service, you must first register with the Information Network of Arkansas (INA) and declare your intent to obtain the person’s signed consent for record checking.

To perform a name-based background check, you must provide the subject’s details and pay a fee of $22, even if the search yields no results. This fee includes a $2 processing fee by INA and a $2 credit card processing fee. Volunteers are only required to pay $11.

For a fingerprint-based background check, the general cost is $14.25, while volunteers authorized to perform this check pay $12.25.

Offline Request

To request a criminal background check by mail, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out form ASP-122.
  2. Obtain a release signed by the person whose record you need to check.
  3. Include a money order or check for $25.
  4. Mail these documents to:

Arkansas State Police Identification Bureau (SPIB) 1 State Police Plaza Dr. Little Rock, AR 72209

How To Find Public Arrest Records in Arkansas

To access public arrest records in Arkansas for free, you need to know the county where the subject was arrested. There are two methods:

  1. Inmate Roster Search: Visit the county’s website, the Sheriff’s office, or the Chief of Police to search the inmate roster.
  2. Contacting the Jail: Use the information available on the county’s website to reach out to the jail.

Please note that a statewide search reveals felony arrest records, while misdemeanor arrests can only be found by searching among the detainee records of a specific county (e.g., Washington County). This process provides police records containing:

  • First and last name
  • Age
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Booking date

Free Warrant Checker in Arkansas

You can check for active warrants in Arkansas, including your own, by searching for warrants in the AR Warrant Search section of a county website. The search will display the person’s:

  • First and last name
  • Age
  • Date of warrant
  • Warrant number

Please note that additional details are not provided.

How To Search Arkansas Sex Offender Registry Map

A criminal record public record search will tell whether someone is a sex offender and what level they’re at (1-4, increasing in severity of crimes). However, if a person is concerned about safety, they can search for someone’s name in the sex offender registry or look for sex offenders in their area.

Searching the Arkansas Department of Public Safety’s Sex Offender Search

To look up a particular person, enter their first and last name. If found, the results will display their biographical details, photograph, address, and charge.

Locating Sex Offenders in a Specific Area

To locate sex offenders in a particular area, enter the area details (street name, city, zip code, county) and hit “Search Area”. The site will present a map of the locations of sex offenders in the specified area and their levels, with level 4 being the most dangerous. Click on the pins on this map to view an offender’s details.

Arkansas State Court Records

Arkansas maintains case records for the Arkansas Supreme Court, Appellate Court (Court of Appeals), District Courts, and Circuit Courts (where judges travel to various locales). Case information from civil, criminal, domestic relations, and probate cases are available to every Arkansas citizen online, including:

  • Case ID and description
  • Names of the parties involved
  • Attorneys for each party
  • The judge/judges
  • Case filings/documents
  • Charges and dispositions
  • Dates for future events
  • Judgments

Limited Information for Some Counties

Courts in a few counties report information via paper cover sheets to the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC). For these, only basic information is available via court record searches, such as case ID and description, some parties, the judge, and charges/dispositions.

Exceptions and Sealed Records

The only exceptions are sealed or expunged court records that a court has removed from public view. The general public can’t access sealed court records online – one needs permission by law to do so and will have to contact the concerned court. Since Arkansas automatically seals most juvenile records, most people also won’t be able to access these cases.

How To Look Up Court Records Online in Arkansas

Court case lookup in Arkansas is simple – AOC Public CourtConnect provides online access to these records through the Contexte Case Management System. All searches are completely free of cost.
To search for public court records, enter a person’s or business’s name or case ID. People can also search for judgments using the same information. While a search only needs a person’s last name or the company’s name, it can also include:

  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Driver’s license number
  • Date of birth
  • Case filing date (beginning and end)
  • Case type
  • Party type
  • County
  • Location code

Accessing Case Information and Activities

People have the option to access case information and activities by using either the Case ID or Docket number, which provides a summary of case proceedings. If they are uncertain about the specifics, they can also search for cases or dockets filed on a specific date by providing the following details:

  • Beginning and end dates
  • County
  • Case type
  • Court code and location code (optional)

Bankruptcy Records on PACER

Individuals interested in bankruptcy records can retrieve case records from the US Bankruptcy Court of the Eastern & Western Districts of Alaska via PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records). Please note that there is a fee associated with this service, which includes $0.10 per page and $2.40 per audio file.

Are Arkansas Vital Records Public Information?

Arkansas Statute 20-18-305 governs access to vital records in the state. According to this statute, birth records older than 100 years and marriage, divorce, and death records older than 50 years are accessible to the general public. Newer records, such as marriage records, are considered public but may only be available to certain individuals with proper authorization.

County Divorced Population in Arkansas

The image below illustrates the total divorced population in each county in Arkansas, based on census data:

Arkansas Vital Records

Birth Records: Arkansas has maintained state-wide birth records since 1914.
Death Records: Death records have been kept since 1917.
Marriage Records: State-wide marriage records have been maintained since 1923.

For records over 100 years old, individuals can search online databases, such as FamilySearch or Ancestry (may require a fee), or send a written request to the Arkansas Division of Vital Records at:

Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) Vital Records, Slot #44 4815 West Markham Street Little Rock, AR 72205

How to Find Free Arkansas Marriage Records, Vital Records & Health Statistics

The Arkansas Department of Health is responsible for maintaining health statistics and fulfilling requests for vital records, including birth and death certificates. They offer shipping services to any location within the United States. If you need a replacement birth certificate, death certificate, or other vital records, this is the appropriate avenue to pursue.

Accessing Vital Records in Arkansas

To access public vital records in Arkansas, the requester must meet specific criteria and provide the necessary information. Please note that access may be restricted to those with an eligible relationship to the person whose record they are trying to obtain. Here are the details:

Eligibility Requirements: The requester must be named on the record or have an eligible relationship with the person whose record they are trying to access. Without an eligible relationship, access to records like divorce records or marriage status may be denied.
Required Information: To order a vital record, individuals must provide the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Driver’s License Number or Two Alternate Forms of ID
  5. Proof of Relationship Documents
  6. Change of Name/Address (if applicable)

Ordering Process: When ordering online through Vital Records, there are several options for expedited shipping, and payment can be made using any debit/credit card. The requester can typically expect to receive a certified copy of the record within 7-14 business days, plus shipping time. It’s important to note that Arkansas does not recognize common-law marriage, so records for such unions cannot be ordered.

Costs: The fees for vital records are as follows:

  • Birth Certificate: $12 (first copy), $10 (additional copies)
  • Death Certificate: $10 (first copy), $8 (additional copies)
  • Marriage Record: $10
  • Divorce Record: $10
  • Processing Fee: $5
  • Identity Verification Fee: $1.85
  • Shipping Fees: Vary based on the chosen shipping option

If an individual prefers to order offline, they can write to the Arkansas Department of Health at the provided address, including copies of their IDs and a money order or check equivalent to the cost of the needed record. This offline process typically takes 10-14 days, not including mail delivery time.

Alternatively, one can visit the specified address or call (866) 209-9482 to order vital records.

Inmate Records in Arkansas

The Arkansas Department of Corrections (ADC) maintains public inmate records, which can be valuable for various purposes, such as locating an inmate’s current residence, sending money to an inmate, or contacting someone in prison. These records typically include the following information:

  • Name
  • ADC Number
  • Photograph
  • Race
  • Sex
  • Physical Attributes (hair and eye color, height, weight)
  • Date of Birth
  • Receipt Date
  • Facility Where They Currently Reside
  • Facility and Mailing Address
  • Release Date
  • Maximum Sentence Length
  • Description
  • Current and Prior Offenses

How to Access Arkansas Inmate Records

To find detainees in county jails, individuals can visit the county’s website and search the detainee roster, as previously mentioned.

Prison Inmate Search in Arkansas

For prisons in Arkansas, the ADC (Arkansas Department of Corrections) offers an Inmate Search tool that enables individuals to determine whether someone has been arrested or is currently incarcerated. This tool allows users to access the prison records of all current inmates. Alternatively, users have the option to download the entire Inmate Database, offering a comprehensive view of the inmate population. It’s worth noting that a single search can produce multiple results.

To conduct an Arkansas Department of Corrections inmate search, users must provide the following information:

  • Last Name (mandatory, unless the inmate’s ADC number is known)
  • First Name
  • ADC Number
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Race
  • County
  • Facility
  • Offense Category

There is no need for a separate inmate prison locator since the search functionality provides a thorough prison background check, including the current incarceration location of the individual.

Finding Release Dates for Arkansas Inmates

When available, the prison or jail records provided through the online inmate search tool will include information about inmate release dates. This feature also displays the inmate’s transfer or parole eligibility date, which is the earliest date they are eligible for parole or release from prison before completing their full sentence.
Additionally, viewers can find the prisoner’s maximum sentence duration under the “Time” section, typically expressed as a specific number of years. To determine the inmate’s latest release date, one can simply add this sentence duration to their initial receipt date.

Searching for Department of Corrections Parolee Records
To search for a Department of Corrections parolee record, individuals can utilize the ADC’s Parole Hearing Decision Search Tool.

Visiting and Sending Money to Inmates

When looking for an inmate using the offender lookup tool mentioned above, you will find a “Send Money” button. You can send money to either the inmate’s trust account or their prepaid phone service account by simply clicking this button.

Sending Mail to an Inmate

Inmate’s Address:

  • Inmate’s Name and ADC Number
  • Name of Unit
  • PO Box Number or Street Address
  • City, State, and Zip Code

Return Address:

  • Full Name of Individual or Business
  • Street Address or PO Box Number
  • City, State, and Zip Code

Visiting an Inmate

To visit an inmate, a potential visitor needs to obtain jail paperwork to be added to the inmate’s visitation list, which they can acquire from the person they wish to visit. Within seven days, they will receive notification regarding the approval status of their request. If approved, they can also engage in 30-minute video visits for a fee of $12.99.
These processes are outlined above to facilitate easy and uncomplicated access to official resources. However, if obtaining free Arkansas state records or making public record requests seems cumbersome, individuals can utilize our search tool to access various types of records in Arkansas, including criminal, vital, court, and inmate records.


How can I request public records in Arkansas?

To obtain public records in Arkansas, you can submit a formal request to the relevant state agency or department. Many agencies have online request forms, while others may require written requests. Be sure to specify the type of record you need and provide ide necessary details to expedite the process.

What types of records are available to the public in Arkansas?

Arkansas offers access to a wide range of public records, including government documents, court records, property records, vital records (birth, marriage, death), business filings, and more. However, certain records may be restricted or confidential due to privacy or security concerns.

Is there a fee for accessing public records in Arkansas?

Yes, there may be fees associated with obtaining public records in Arkansas. The cost varies depending on the type of record and the agency responsible for providing it. You may be charged for copies, processing, and administrative fees.

How long does it take to receive requested records in Arkansas?

The processing time for public records requests can vary. Simple requests may be fulfilled within a few days, while more complex or extensive requests may take several weeks or even months. It’s advisable to check with the specific agency for estimated turnaround times.

Are there any exemptions or restrictions on accessing Arkansas state records?

Yes, certain records may be exempt from public access due to legal restrictions, such as those related to ongoing investigations, personal privacy, or security concerns. It’s essential to understand the state’s Freedom of Information Act and the specific exemptions that apply to different types of records.