The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) compiles crime data for all counties in the state, presenting figures based on law enforcement agency reports rather than county breakdowns. In Knox County, the Sheriff’s Office serves as the primary law enforcement agency, making its records reflective of the overall crime trends. The latest available data from 2019 indicates that Knox County recorded 2 murders, 62 rapes, 483 aggravated assaults, and 30 simple assaults. Property crimes included 15 arsons, 588 burglaries, 30 robberies, 2,331 larceny thefts, and 494 motor vehicle thefts. A comparison with 2014 figures showed an increase in murder (16.7%), rape (83.3%), aggravated assault (32.7%), simple assault (13%), and motor vehicle theft (24.8%) rates in 2018. Conversely, arson (21.7%), burglary (56.5%), robbery (30.8%), and larceny-theft (34.4%) rates declined over the same five-year period.

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Criminal Records

The TBI offers criminal history reports for Tennessee residents through online requests via the Tennessee Open Records Information Services (TORIS). A fee of $29 applies for each request. Nationwide background checks are available through IdentoGO, with pricing varying based on the type of check required.

Qualifying organizations catering to vulnerable populations can access comprehensive fingerprint-based Tennessee and FBI criminal history checks through IdentoGO, priced between $20.65 and $32.65.

For local background checks in Knox County, individuals can obtain arrest records by completing and notarizing a Release of Arrest Record form and submitting it along with a $15 fee to the KCSO Support Services office.

Inmate Information and Facilities

Knox County operates three correctional facilities: Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility, Knox County Jail, and the Work Release Center. Friends and family can deposit funds into inmates’ accounts using Jail ATMs, with surcharges applicable for cash and credit card transactions. Additionally, funds can be sent via mail orders or cashier’s checks to the Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility.

Court Records

Knox County houses nine courts, including Chancery Court, Circuit Court, Criminal Court, Civil Sessions Court, General Sessions Court, Juvenile Court, Municipal Court, and City Court. Court records can be obtained from specific clerk offices within these courts, with fees applicable for copies and certified copies.

Vital Records

Divorce records from Knox County can be obtained from the Chancery and Fourth Circuit Courts, while the Tennessee State Department of Health’s Office of Vital Records provides certified copies of divorce certificates for all counties. Requests should be sent to the office in Nashville, accompanied by a $15 fee and a government-issued ID photocopy.

Knox County residents can request certified copies of birth, death, and marriage certificates from the Vital Records Division of the Knox County Department of Health. Applications must be notarized and submitted in person or by mail, along with a $15 fee.

Property Records

Under the Tennessee Open Records Act, Knox County property records are accessible to the public. The Knox County Property Assessor’s Office maintains these records, offering online searches via the Property Lookup tool. Interested parties can also apply for records in person or via mail by contacting the Assessor’s Office directly.

For detailed property records, individuals can visit the Knox County Property Assessor’s Office in the City-County Building, Knoxville, or utilize the online property database. The office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mondays through Fridays.

Inmate Records

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office operates three correctional facilities in Knox County: Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility, Knox County Jail, and the Work Release Center. These facilities house individuals who are arrested and awaiting trial, serving short-term sentences, or participating in work-release programs.

To assist friends and family in locating incarcerated individuals, the Sheriff’s Office provides an inmate population list and a daily updated in-custody list for those arrested within the past 24 hours. Inmates’ accounts can be funded through Jail ATMs located in the lobbies of the Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility and the Knox County Jail. Accepted payment methods include cash and credit cards, with surcharges applicable for both options.

Additionally, funds can be deposited into inmates’ accounts by sending mail orders or cashier’s checks to the Roger D. Wilson Detention Facility. A surcharge applies to this method, and individuals must ensure that the payment is made out correctly to the facility and includes the inmate’s name and IDN.

These measures aim to facilitate communication between inmates and their loved ones, ensuring access to necessary funds for phone calls, commissary purchases, and other essential needs during their time in custody. By providing these services, the Knox County Sheriff’s Office strives to maintain transparency and accessibility for the public while upholding the safety and security of the correctional facilities.

Mugshot Records

In addition to providing inmate population lists and in-custody updates, the Knox County Sheriff’s Office also maintains a database of mugshot records. Mugshots, which are photographs taken of individuals upon their arrest, serve as visual records of those in custody.

These mugshot records can be accessed by the public, allowing concerned parties, legal professionals, and interested individuals to view images of individuals currently detained in Knox County correctional facilities. Access to these records promotes transparency within the criminal justice system and ensures that relevant information is available to those who need it.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office provides a user-friendly online portal where individuals can search for mugshots by entering specific details such as the inmate’s name, booking date, or other relevant information. This service aids in confirming the identity of detainees and helps concerned parties stay informed about the status of individuals within the county’s correctional facilities.

By offering accessible mugshot records, the Knox County Sheriff’s Office supports accountability and openness in law enforcement activities, while respecting the privacy and legal rights of the individuals involved. This service reflects the commitment of the Sheriff’s Office to maintain a balance between public transparency and individual rights within the confines of the law.


How can I access an inmate’s mugshot in Knox County?

Mugshots of inmates in Knox County can be accessed through the official website of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. Utilize the online portal by entering the inmate’s name, booking date, or other relevant details to view their mugshot.

Are Knox County mugshots public records?

In many cases, Knox County mugshots are considered public records. These photos are often made available to the public through law enforcement websites and may also be accessible through local media outlets.

How can I find an inmate’s booking information and release date?

You can find an inmate’s booking information and release date by contacting the Knox County Jail or Sheriff’s Office. They will typically provide you with the necessary information after verifying your identity.

Are there any fees associated with obtaining Knox County arrest records?

The fees associated with obtaining Knox County arrest records may vary depending on the county’s policies. Be prepared to cover any administrative costs, copying fees, or other associated expenses.

Are there any restrictions on using inmate mugshots for public purposes?

While inmate mugshots are generally public records, their usage may be subject to certain restrictions and regulations. It is essential to respect the privacy and legal rights of the individuals depicted in these mugshots. Unauthorized use or dissemination of these images for harassment, discrimination, or commercial purposes could lead to legal consequences. Always adhere to ethical guidelines and applicable laws when using inmate mugshot records.