Trumbull County’s repository of inmate arrest records and mugshots offers a fascinating glimpse into the local law enforcement landscape. This comprehensive database is a treasure trove of information, chronicling the faces and stories of individuals who have encountered the county’s justice system. With each snapshot, it unveils a narrative of justice, transgressions, and second chances, encapsulating the essence of Trumbull County’s commitment to safety and rehabilitation. Delve into this repository to explore the multifaceted dimensions of the county’s legal ecosystem.

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Crime Statistics in Trumbull County, Ohio

The Office of Criminal Justice Services in Ohio annually compiles and releases comprehensive crime statistics for all counties within the state. In the most recent report, which covered the year 2017, the data concerning Trumbull County reveals an array of crime figures that shed light on the safety and security of the region. Here’s a closer look at the numbers:

Crime Data for 2017

  • Homicides: Trumbull County documented 13 homicides.
  • Sexual Assault: The county recorded 65 incidents of sexual assault.
  • Robberies: There were 134 reported cases of robbery.
  • Aggravated Assault: Trumbull County experienced 200 cases of aggravated assault.
  • Property Crime: The property crime reports encompass 944 burglaries, 2,562 larcenies, and 222 motor vehicle thefts.

Five-Year Crime Trends

To gain a more comprehensive perspective on the county’s crime situation, it’s essential to compare the 2017 figures with those from 2013. This analysis provides valuable insights into the changes in various crime categories over time:

  • Overall Crime Numbers: Trumbull County experienced a notable 33% reduction in overall crime numbers from 2013 to 2017.
  • Murders: The homicide rate increased significantly by 85.7% over the five years.
  • Rape: The rate of reported sexual assaults also saw a 20.4% rise during this period.
  • Declines in Crime: Other crime categories witnessed declines, including robberies (28.3%), aggravated assaults (9.9%), burglaries (49.6%), motor vehicle thefts (18.1%), larceny-thefts (28.1%), and arsons (33.3%).

Criminal Records and Background Checks

In Trumbull County, the Sheriff’s Office plays a central role in processing requests for state and national background checks on behalf of the Ohio State Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) and the FBI. Here’s what you need to know if you’re seeking a background check:

  • Fees: A state background check costs $25, while a national background check carries a $30 fee.
  • Payment: Payments can be made in cash or money orders, with the money order payable to the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office.
  • In-Person Requests: To make an in-person request, you can visit the Sheriff’s Office at the following address:

Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office

150 High Street Warren, OH 44481

Phone: (330) 675-6636

Fax: (330) 675-7909

  • Operating Hours: The office is open to the public from Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m.
  • Identification: Those requesting a background check must present a government identification card or an approved identification form.

The Sheriff’s Office also handles requests for incident and accident reports, making it a one-stop resource for individuals seeking information on various matters.

Court Records in Trumbull County

Trumbull County’s judicial system consists of various courts that handle different types of cases. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the addresses and contact details for these courts:

Eleventh District Court of Appeals

  • Address: 111 High Street, NE, Warren, OH 44481
  • Phone: (330) 675-6681

Trumbull County Court of Common Pleas

The Court of Common Pleas in Trumbull County is divided into several divisions, each with its own address and contact information:

General Division

    • Address: Trumbull County Courthouse, 161 High St NW, Warren, OH 44481
    • Phone: (330) 675-2557

Probate Court

    • Address: Trumbull County Courthouse, 161 High St NW, Warren, OH 44481
    • Phone: (330) 675-2521
    • Fax: (330) 675-3024

Domestic Relations Division

    • Address: Trumbull County Family Court Building, 220 Main Ave SW, Warren, OH 44481
    • Phone: (330) 675-2302
    • Fax: (330) 675-7907

Juvenile Division

    • Address: Trumbull County Family Court Building, 220 Main Ave SW, P.O. Box 1209, Warren, OH 44482
    • Phone: (330) 675-2600
    • Fax: (330) 675-2322

Trumbull County also hosts two County Courts, four Municipal Courts, and two Mayor’s Courts, each with its own address and contact information.

Accessing Court Records

The Trumbull County Clerk of Courts serves as the custodian of court records for the Court of Common Pleas, the Court of Domestic Relations, and the 11th District Court of Appeals. These records are available online via the Court View Portal on the website of the Trumbull County Clerk of Courts. If you need copies of these records, the following information will be helpful:

  • Fees: The Clerk’s Office charges 5 cents per page for regular copies and $1 per page for certified copies. An exemplified copy incurs an additional charge of $5.
  • Payment: Payments are accepted in cash and money orders.
  • Contact Information: To request a copy, contact the Clerk of Courts offices at the addresses provided earlier.

Office Hours

These offices are open to the public from Monday to Friday, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Vital Records in Trumbull County

For individuals seeking vital records, such as divorce records, marriage records, birth certificates, and death certificates, the relevant authorities and their procedures are outlined below:

Divorce Records

  • Custodian: County Clerk of Courts
  • Fees: Copy fees for divorce decrees are 5 cents per page, with an additional $1 for certification.
  • Payment: Cash and money orders are accepted.
  • Request Options: The Clerk’s Office accommodates in-person and mail requests, with requests directed to the Clerk of Court Office at the Family Court address provided earlier.

Marriage Records

  • Custodian: Probate Court
  • Access: Marriage records can be viewed online through Probate Court View.

Request Process

To obtain copies of these vital records, contact the Clerk of Probate Court by visiting or calling their office using the following information:

Trumbull County Probate Court

Courthouse, First Floor 161 High Street NW Warren, OH 44481

Phone: (330) 675-2521

Fax: (330) 675-3024

Birth and Death Certificates

  • Custodian: Warren Health Department, Vital Statistics Division
  • Birth and Death Records: Available from December 20, 1909, onward.
  • Fees: The fee for a birth or death certificate is $23.

Request Process: To request a birth or death certificate, download and complete a Birth and Death Certificate Request Form. Submit the completed form, required documents, and fee in person or by mail to the following address:

Warren City Health District

258 East Market Street Warren, OH 44481

Phone: (330) 841-2541

Fax: (330) 841-2912

  • Office Hours: The office accepts vital record requests from Monday to Friday, between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

For older birth and death certificates issued from 1867 to 1908, visit:

Trumbull County Archives

118 High St NW Warren, OH 44481

Accessing Trumbull County Mugshots Records

Here’s some information and steps to help you access Trumbull County’s mugshot records:

Sheriff’s Office or Police Department

Accessing Trumbull County Mugshot Records can often begin with a direct inquiry to the local law enforcement agencies. The Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office and various police departments within the county maintain mugshot records of individuals who have been arrested within their respective jurisdictions. Typically, these agencies have dedicated websites that provide information on how to access these records. This method allows you to access mugshot records directly from the source. It is essential to check the specific website or contact the relevant department for guidance on the process and any associated fees.

Online Mugshot Databases

Online mugshot databases are a convenient and widely used way to access mugshot records from various jurisdictions, including Trumbull County. These websites compile and provide access to a vast database of mugshots, making it easier for the public to search for specific individuals. They often feature search functionalities that allow users to find mugshots by entering the person’s name, date of arrest, or other pertinent information. It’s worth noting that not all online mugshot databases are equally reliable, and some may require an access fee, so it’s essential to exercise caution and verify the credibility of the website you’re using.

Public Records Request

For a more formal and official approach to accessing Trumbull County Mugshot Records, individuals can submit a public records request to the relevant law enforcement agency. This method is consistent with the principles of transparency and open access to public records. Public records requests are typically filed with the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office, local police departments, or the Ohio Department of Public Safety, depending on where the records are held. Each agency may have its own established procedure for requesting records, which often involves filling out a specific form and paying a nominal fee to cover administrative costs. It’s important to adhere to the agency’s specific requirements and be prepared to wait for a response.

Expungement and Privacy Laws

In accessing mugshot records, it’s crucial to understand the legal framework that governs these records. Expungement laws play a significant role in determining whether a mugshot record is accessible to the public. Expungement is a legal process that allows individuals to have certain arrest records, including their mugshots, removed or sealed from public access. Therefore, some mugshot records may not be publicly accessible, especially if the arrest in question has been expunged. Privacy regulations also play a role in determining who can access mugshot records, and they vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. It’s essential to be aware of and respect these laws and regulations when seeking access to mugshot records to ensure compliance with the applicable privacy rights and legal standards.

Local and State Laws

The availability and accessibility of mugshot records can vary widely depending on local and state laws and regulations. It’s important to be aware of the specific legal framework governing Trumbull County, Ohio, and the entire state. Local and state laws can set requirements for the release of mugshot records, the circumstances under which records can be accessed, and any restrictions on their use. These laws are in place to balance the public’s right to information with the protection of individual privacy rights. Therefore, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the relevant laws and regulations before attempting to access Trumbull County Mugshot Records to ensure compliance with all legal requirements and responsibilities.


How can I access Trumbull County arrest records and inmate information?

Trumbull County arrest records and inmate information can typically be obtained through the county’s law enforcement agencies, such as the sheriff’s office or local police departments. Additionally, you may find some information online through official county websites or public records databases.

What details are included in Trumbull County mugshot records?

Trumbull County mugshot records typically include an individual’s photograph, personal details like name, age, and the alleged charges they are facing. These records are often considered public information and may be accessible to interested parties.

Can I find Trumbull County inmate mugshots online?

It’s possible to find Trumbull County inmate mugshots online through various sources, including county jail websites, online databases, or local news outlets. However, access to such information may be subject to certain restrictions and privacy regulations.

How do I request Trumbull County arrest records for background checks?

To request Trumbull County arrest records for background checks or other purposes, you typically need to contact the appropriate law enforcement agency in the county. They will guide you on the process and any associated fees, if applicable.

Are Trumbull County arrest and inmate records available to the public?

In many cases, Trumbull County arrest and inmate records are considered public records and may be accessible to the public. However, some details may be restricted or redacted to protect individuals’ privacy or for legal reasons. It’s advisable to check with the relevant county authorities for specific access and availability.