Umatilla County’s intricate web of justice intertwines the lives of countless individuals, and its intricate tapestry is recorded in the Arrests, Inmate, and Mugshots Records. Nestled in the heart of Oregon, this repository offers a unique insight into the county’s law enforcement activities. From the dramatic narratives of arrests to the striking visual accounts in the form of mugshots, these records reveal a captivating mosaic of Umatilla County’s criminal justice system, providing a window into the lives of those who have come into contact with the law.

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Examining Umatilla County Arrest Statistics

Inquisitively delving into the arrest data of Umatilla County, we unearth a sequence of intriguing statistics.

  • Arrest Tally: Umatilla County has witnessed the accumulation of 1,321 arrests within the span of the past three years.
  • Arrest Rate in 2017: In the year 2017, Umatilla’s arrest rate stood at a substantial 604.27 per 100,000 residents.
  • Relative County Comparison: Intriguingly, Umatilla County’s arrest rate is approximately 18.23% lower than the national average, which registers at a comparatively higher 739.02 per 100,000 residents.
  • Violent Offenses: Within the same year, a notable fraction of these arrests, precisely 61, pertained to violent crimes such as murder, rape, and robbery.
  • Property Crime Arrests: Noteworthy also is the fact that Umatilla County experienced a significant volume of 401 arrests associated with property crimes.
  • Comparative Risk Assessment: When juxtaposed with the counties of Benton and Deschutes, Umatilla emerges as a relatively more perilous locality for residency.

Criminal and Arrest Records for Oregon’s Various Counties

Recent Arrest Trends in Umatilla County

In Umatilla County, the predominant criminal offense is larceny/theft, resulting in 224 annual arrests. Following closely, the second most frequently occurring crime is burglary, with motor vehicle theft ranking as the third most prevalent offense.

Comparison of Violent and Non-Violent Crime Arrests in Umatilla

In Umatilla, the most serious crimes include murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Umatilla County has a relatively higher incidence of non-violent crimes. In 2017, Umatilla reported 61 violent crimes and 401 non-violent crimes. When contrasting these statistics with the national average of 739.02, Umatilla’s rate is 18.23% below the national average.

Crime Rates in Umatilla County: 2002-2017

Umatilla County Arrest and Criminal Records Across Age Groups

The majority of offenses in Umatilla County are committed by individuals aged 21-30, while the lowest number of crimes is typically associated with the age group of 81-90.

Crime Rates in Umatilla County Based on Age Categories

Obtaining Umatilla County Police Records

Umatilla County police records come in various formats, housed within the precincts of Sheriff’s Offices. These records serve a multitude of purposes, and acquiring them is subject to specific procedures. The populace can access Umatilla County police records through an in-person visit to the local county Sheriff’s Office, in alignment with state laws and the Freedom of Information Act. These records encompass Umatilla County police reports, bookings, and even visual documentation. They pertain to individuals’ experiences during the process of arrest, booking, and incarceration.

Record Acquisition Process

  • Initiation and Documentation: The journey commences when a person is apprehended. During this phase, essential data is documented as an initial report.
  • Photographic Documentation: Subsequently, arresting officers capture photographic evidence of the apprehended individuals. These images are instrumental in the records.
  • Incarceration: Following photographic documentation, the individuals are confined in detention cells until they fulfill their financial obligations.

Associated Costs

Fee Consideration: It’s worth noting that some regions may impose fees for obtaining copies of police records.

In-Person Requirement: To acquire these records, a personal visit to the Sheriff’s Office may be necessary.

  • Information Prerequisites: To facilitate the search for your specific records, the following information is vital:
    • Date and time of the incident
    • Location of the incident
    • Names of the involved parties
    • Name and rank of the officer involved
    • Case number

Significance of Records: Umatilla County police records serve as a valuable source of information. Among these records, traffic incident reports stand out, providing insights into vehicular mishaps and related incidents. However, certain reports may only be accessible to the public after a stipulated waiting period, typically around 60 days.

Alternative Request Methods: In addition to in-person requests, it is possible to obtain Umatilla County police records through mail. For further details on making requests and associated payment procedures, contact your local county Sheriff’s Office.

Umatilla County Mugshot Archives Through the Ages

Mugshots in Umatilla County, Oregon State, have been meticulously documented for over a century, beginning their photographic journey in the 1800s. In 1888, the visionary French law enforcement officer Alphonse Bertillon revolutionized and standardized the art of capturing these images. These visual records have become an integral part of criminal identification.

Mugshot Marvels: A Glimpse into the Past

Umatilla County’s rich history of mugshots involves the diligent work of local law enforcement agencies, including the police and Sheriff’s Offices. Upon an individual’s arrest, a series of photographs is taken, encompassing a frontal (full-face) view and a side (profile) perspective. These Umatilla County mugshots are meticulously cataloged alongside the subject’s criminal history and accompanying police reports. Their primary purpose lies in aiding victims, witnesses, and investigators in the pursuit of justice.

The Pursuit of Justice: Mugshots in Action

When a judicial authority issues an arrest warrant for a Umatilla County resident due to alleged criminal activities, and said individual fails to appear in court, these invaluable mugshots step into the limelight. They serve as essential tools in the effort to track down the elusive suspect, ultimately contributing to the administration of justice.

Mugshots Unveiled: A Digital Age Phenomenon

Mugshots, by their very nature, are considered public records and are consequently accessible online. Various informational platforms offer comprehensive databases featuring mugshots alongside an array of documents, including criminal records, arrest records, and court proceedings. These digitized resources have become vital sources of information for the inquisitive public.

Criminal Chronicles: Beyond Mugshots

The realm of police and arrest records extends far beyond the realm of mugshots, delving into more intricate categories of criminal documentation. Information relating to felonies, misdemeanors, and the registry of sex offenders is seamlessly interconnected with these records. As a result, any prior brushes with the law are seamlessly unveiled in the digital age, ensuring comprehensive transparency in the criminal justice system.

Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office

The Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office is nestled in Umatilla County, Oregon, boasting a workforce of 109 dedicated individuals. Among the personnel, there are 2 resolute female officers, 52 tenacious male officers, and 55 diligent civilians. The agency bears the Originated Agency Identifier (ORI) number OR0300000, and it is firmly rooted in the Pacific division, gracing the expanse of the West region, designated by the region code, Region IV.

Agency Details

  • Agency Name: Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office
  • State: Oregon
  • City: Pendleton
  • Type: County
  • Address: 4700 NW Pioneer Place
  • Phone Number: 541-966-3600
  • Fax: 541-278-5496
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: Official Website

Umatilla County, Oregon Detention Facility and Inmate Statistics

In Umatilla County, Oregon, 129 correctional facilities house an average of 596 inmates daily, resulting in a total jail population of 129 individuals. When examining the gender distribution within the Umatilla County detention system, it is evident that females constitute a minority, accounting for only 17% of the total population. This population breakdown consists of 22 female inmates and 114 male inmates.

Understanding the Functionality of Umatilla County Inmate Search

Umatilla County inmate records constitute publicly accessible documents, effortlessly obtainable by any interested party. The protocols concerning Umatilla County inmate records fall under the purview of the Freedom of Information Act, facilitating the acquisition of extensive insights into an individual’s background.

Exploring Umatilla County Booking Procedures

Umatilla County bookings serve as a valuable resource for ascertaining the arrest status of an unfamiliar individual. Upon the apprehension of an offender, a law enforcement officer completes comprehensive documentation and detains them within a correctional cell. This process effectively initiates the creation of the individual’s Umatilla County booking record. Such records may encompass various data, including fingerprints, photographs, physical attributes, personal details, name, address, the responsible officer, particulars of the alleged crime, the incident location, and any associated vehicles. Importantly, the general public retains the privilege to procure a duplicate of someone’s Umatilla County booking records without necessitating any form of authorization.

Insights into Umatilla County Jail

Agency Name: Umatilla County Correctional Facility

State: Oregon

City: Pendleton

Type: County

Address: 4700 Northwest Pioneer Place

Phone Number: 541-966-3600

Fax: 541-278-5496

Email: [email protected]

Website: Umatilla County Sheriff’s Corrections


How can I access Umatilla County arrest records and inmate information?

To access Umatilla County arrest records and inmate information, you can visit the Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office website or contact their records division. They may provide online search tools, in-person visits, or a phone inquiry service to help you find the information you’re looking for.

Can I view mugshots of inmates in Umatilla County online?

Yes, you can often view mugshots of inmates in Umatilla County online. Many county sheriff’s offices have websites or databases that allow the public to search for and view inmate mugshots. These photos are usually part of the public record, but be aware that not all jurisdictions provide this service.

Are Umatilla County arrest records and mugshots considered public information?

Yes, Umatilla County arrest records and mugshots are typically considered public information. These records are usually accessible to the public under freedom of information laws. However, certain details or records related to ongoing investigations may be restricted for legal reasons.