New Jersey is home to several women’s prisons, each serving as a critical component of the state’s criminal justice system. These facilities play a crucial role in housing and rehabilitating female offenders. In this article, we will explore the locations and features of New Jersey’s women’s prisons, shedding light on their significance within the correctional system.

While the incarceration of individuals remains a contentious issue, women’s prisons in New Jersey strive to address the unique needs of female offenders. From educational programs to mental health services, these facilities aim to promote rehabilitation and reintegration into society. Let’s delve into the world of New Jersey women’s prisons and understand their roles and challenges.

New Jersey’s Women’s Prisons

New Jersey is home to three women’s prisons, each serving a specific purpose within the state’s correctional system.

Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women Location

Clinton, New Jersey Overview: Edna Mahan is the only women’s prison in New Jersey that houses inmates of all security levels. It serves as the state’s primary facility for adult female offenders. The prison offers various educational and vocational programs to help inmates acquire valuable skills and prepare for reentry into society.

New Jersey State Prison for Women Location: This prison primarily houses inmates who require specialized medical or mental health services. It is equipped to provide comprehensive care to female offenders with unique healthcare needs. The facility collaborates with medical professionals to ensure inmates receive the necessary treatment.

Albert C. Wagner Youth Correctional Facility for Women Location: This facility is dedicated to housing young female offenders, providing them with age-appropriate programs and services. The focus here is on rehabilitation and reintegration into society, with an emphasis on education and skill development.

Challenges and Considerations

Operating women’s prisons comes with its own set of challenges, including overcrowding, staff shortages, and the need for gender-responsive programming. Despite these challenges, New Jersey continues to work towards improving its correctional system for female offenders.


Where are women’s prisons located in New Jersey?

Women’s prisons in New Jersey are located in three main facilities:

  • Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Women (Clinton, NJ): This is the state’s only women’s maximum-security prison.
  • Garden State Youth Correctional Facility (Yardville, NJ): While primarily a youth facility, it also houses female inmates.
  • Southern State Correctional Facility (Delmont, NJ): This medium-security prison also houses female inmates.

What rehabilitation programs are available for women in New Jersey’s prisons?

New Jersey offers various rehabilitation programs for women in its correctional facilities, including:

  • Educational programs: Inmates can access GED classes, vocational training, and college courses.
  • Substance abuse treatment: Programs to address addiction issues are available.
  • Mental health services: Counseling and therapy are provided to address psychological needs.
  • Parenting programs: Mothers can participate in parenting classes to strengthen family bonds.
  • Vocational skills: Inmates can learn marketable job skills to aid reintegration.

How can families and friends visit women in New Jersey’s women’s prisons?

To visit female inmates in New Jersey’s women’s prisons, individuals need to:

  • Check the specific facility’s visitation schedule and rules on the New Jersey Department of Corrections website.
  • Ensure they are on the approved visitor list, which may require background checks.
  • Follow the facility’s dress code and security regulations.
  • Arrive at the designated visitation area during the specified hours.
  • Bring valid identification and adhere to any COVID-19 protocols in place.