Utah divorce records hold significant value, whether for genealogical research, background checks, or personal reasons. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of accessing these vital records in the state of Utah.

Utah Divorce Records

Utah maintains records of divorces that occur within its jurisdiction, and they are considered public records. This means that anyone can access them, provided they follow the correct procedures. Here’s what you need to know:

Determining Eligibility: Before diving into your search, it’s crucial to understand the eligibility criteria. In Utah, divorce records older than 75 years are generally considered public and accessible to all. However, more recent records may have restricted access, typically limited to the parties involved in the divorce or their legal representatives.

Gathering Necessary Information: Efficiency is key when searching for divorce records. Collect as much information as possible about the divorce, including the full names of both parties, the divorce date, and the county where it was granted. This information will aid in your search process.

Navigating the Process

To access Utah divorce records, follow these steps:

Visit the Utah Department of Health

The Office of Vital Records and Statistics, part of the Utah Department of Health, is the custodian of divorce records in the state. You can access their website or contact them directly to initiate your search.

Submit a Request

If you meet the eligibility criteria, submit a formal request for the divorce records you seek. Be prepared to pay any required fees and provide the necessary details to facilitate the search.

Wait for Processing

After submitting your request, the processing time can vary. It’s essential to be patient, as factors such as record availability and request completeness can impact the timeline.

Receive the Records

Once your request is approved and processed, you will receive copies of the divorce records you requested. These records can be invaluable for various purposes, including legal proceedings, genealogical research, and more.


How long does it take to obtain Utah divorce records?

The processing time for Utah divorce records varies, but it typically takes several weeks. Factors like record availability and the completeness of your request can influence the timeline.

Are there any restrictions on accessing recent divorce records in Utah?

Yes, Utah imposes restrictions on accessing recent divorce records. Generally, only authorized individuals, such as the parties involved in the divorce or their legal representatives, can obtain records less than 75 years old.

What if I don’t have all the necessary information about the divorce?

While having complete information is helpful, you can still request divorce records in Utah even if you lack certain details. The Utah Department of Health will make an effort to locate the records based on the information you provide.

Are Utah divorce records available online?

While some online resources may offer access to Utah divorce records, it’s advisable to go through the official channels provided by the Utah Department of Health. This ensures the accuracy and legality of the records you obtain.